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Conditions of use 

TRAMAT Poland is a registered online store under the domain tramat.alpha.pl Owner:
ul. Raszkowska 9
60-162 Poznan
Regon 008268110
VAT PL7790026137

Phone +48 605 075 867


Contact by e-mail via the contact form available on the home page.
1.TRAMAT Poland is a retailer of parts and agricultural machinery via the Internet. Orders are accepted only through the website registered under the domain www. tramat.pl
2. To view the price and buy the products proposed, customers must create an account and specify the required information will only be used for commercial and marketing purposes. Each account is created, after the first purchase is definitely existing. However, at the request of the customer it can be closed and the data will be deleted from the database. The account closure will must be expressed in written form via a contact form on the homepage.
The accounts created and not used within 14 days of creation are canceled.
3. To create an account on the site TRAMAT Poland, fill out the registration form indicating the following information: email address and password. After the validation and activation of customer account information will be sent to the email address indicated in the registration form. From that time the a contract is concluded between the customer and PZ TRAMAT which covers the services proposed by PZR TRA-MAT and the conditions set out in these terms and conditions.
4. In the case of a company, any action on the account creation and purchase via TRAMAT Poland can only be performed by an authorized person has to take responsibility at the company name.
5. All products on TRAMAT Poland are new, free from physical and legal defects, and have been legally placed on the Polish market.
6. All prices listed on the site TRAMAT Poland are net prices (excluding VAT). For all purchases, a VAT invoice will be issued. VAT invoice can be provided electronically to the email address specified by the client, unless the client expressly indicates that the invoice is to be delivered by mail.
7. The ordered products are delivered through specialized postal operators or Raben transport company in the case of agricultural machinery and parcels over 50 kg.
The client supports the delivery costs depending on the weight of the shipment. The costs are defined during the purchase process of finalization.
8. The contract between the customer who buys the product in Poland and PZR TRA-MAT has the time duration until the product delivery to the customer to the address given by him.
9. In the case of payment by credit card, the customer is obliged to pay the amount of the order, including shipping immediately.
As for the payment option by an international bank transfer payment must be made on behalf of PZR TRAMAT within seven days of purchase.
- Payment by bank transfer - a form of payment for customers who prefer a personal connection to the site of their bank or get to their bank. After placing an order, the customer receives an email with the bank account number where the transfer must be done.
- By debit card (Visa, Mastercard) - each card payment is secure through PayPal or Moneybookers (which can take some time). Of the confirmation of payment, your order is accepted.
"For more information on contract terms can be found under tab" Shipping & Returns "."
10. In the case of certain types of products available on the TRA PZR-MAT site, the entity reserves the right to restrict the payment method and delivery choices.
11. Delivery of products takes about 5-6 business days from the date of purchase, with the exception of shipments by the Raben transport company which last 14 days.
12. Products can be guaranteed by the manufacturer, importer or distributor, valid on Polish territory. Complaints and defective goods should be sent to the address of PZR TRA-MAT.
Sold the product warranty does not limit any right of the purchaser under the product warranty for defects.
13. PZR TRA-MAT is responsible for product defects under applicable law. In the case of corporate sales, warranty conditions flow of the Civil Code.
14. Warranty claims can be submitted electronically using the contact form or by writing to the ZPR TRA-MAT address indicated in the upper part of the Regulations. In case of acceptance of the claim, all costs related to these are supported by PZR TRA-MAT.
15. The client has the right to request a price reduction or cancellation of purchase, if PZR TRA-MAT does not immediately made arrangements to replace the defective product free of charge or delete the default. This does not apply if the product has already been replaced or repaired by PZR TRA-MAT, or if PZR TRA-MAT does not find the product defect.
16. PZR TRA-MAT recognizes a claim for warranty within 14 days of its receipt. If PZR TRAMAT does not respond to the customer within 14 days it means that the claim is justified.
In both cases, the costs of delivery of a new or repaired product, are supported by PZR TRA-MAT.
17. In accordance with laws and regulations, the customer can return products within 14 days of receipt and without giving a reason after informing the seller via a contact form. The return of the amount of the order is made within 7 days on the bank account indicated.
18. The information on the website PZR TRA-MAT does not constitute an offer under the Civil Code. The customer placing an order on the website PZR TRA-MAT, made an offer to purchase a particular product under the conditions outlined in the product description.
19. Any personal data given in the registration form are collected and processed by PZR. TRA-MAT in accordance with applicable law and our privacy policy.
The consent to the collection and processing of personal data is given by the client by checking the appropriate box on the registration form.
20. PZR TRA-MAT can modify the conditions of sale by informing 7 days before the publication of the revised regulations. However, all contracts performed before the entry into force of the amendments remain subject to earlier regulations.
21. Refusal to accept the revised terms and conditions equivalent to termination of the contract.
22. The outstanding issues in this Regulation, are submitted by the Polish law.

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